The first-time home buyer course for beginners who want to save time & money by creating a personalized, low-stress path to homeownership!

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What to Expect

Comprehensive Tutorials

We've distilled this course down to only the most relevant lessons that you need to buy your first house. Through 6 modules, you'll create a personal roadmap to homeownership.

Live Coaching

If you get tripped up on a point or just desire additional support, attend live office hours for one-on-one support and guidance so you'll know you're on the right path for you.

Supportive Community

Nobody wants to go it alone. Our students say it's SO helpful having other like-minded people on the journey. Homeschool includes an exclusive community to help you along the way!

You've asked your friends and family...

You’ve read blogs, scoured Redfin, Zillow, and Google…

Somehow, it becomes even MORE confusing to learn how to buy a home.

 Buying your first house doesn’t have to be a nightmare - with Homeschool, we can make it a dream come true!


Being taken advantage of

Not knowing all your options

Making a bad (and costly) financial decision

Getting stuck with something you’re not happy with

Not being prepared for unknown expenses and work

Continually throwing money away on rent

After Homeschool:

Conquered the home buying challenge and finally did it

Had a place you could call your own

Felt the peaceful stability of having roots

Set yourself up for financial success later in life

Created a new sense of freedom

Finally started building equity and passive income

It's your own space when you own the place!

Yes, it actually IS possible for you to buy a house!

In this powerfully practical 6-week LIVE course, you'll join a group of first-time home buyers just like you on a journey to kick your landlord to the curb and finally have a place of your own to call home.

Ready to become a confident and money saving homeowner?

"This was like house buying therapy."

- Austin, previous Homeschool student

In just 6 weeks, you will... 

Discover how buying a home NOW can actually move you toward your long-term goals even FASTER!

Release the anxiety of worrying that you’ve missed something critically important

Learn how you can become a real estate investor with just ONE property

House hack your way into getting a home FAR sooner (and cheaper) than you thought possible

The Lessons You'll Learn


Calculating Costs & Creating a Budget

Discover the exact cost of buying a home and how to budget for what you’ll need.


Assembling a Kick-Ass Home Buying Team

Leverage the most effective and powerful real estate team for your home purchase.


Analyzing Homes for Your Personal Goals

Discover the best method to analyze listings according to your own criteria and goals.


Crafting the Most Irresistible Offer

Identify the steps to make a strong offer that will not only get accepted, but also include the best terms for a great investment.


Negotiating Like an Expert

Acquire all the tools to navigate your home inspection and negotiate like an expert.


Transitioning into Homeownership

Be prepared to take on your first year of homeownership with confidence and the knowledge needed to avoid surprises and costly mistakes.

What our past students are saying...

"This was such a positive, empowering, and educational experience! We feel so much more prepared and have such a clearer vision of what our house buying goals are and how to achieve them!"

 "I have absolutely LOVED this course and am feeling totally confident about buying my first home, even as a single gal. I have the resources and the team to get me where I want to be."

"Buying a home - and, more so, investing in real estate - seems more doable than it ever has before and way less scary. Every bit of every class I found valuable."

 "The homework videos and the office hours really ensure any questions that came up were properly addressed and explained. I also loved to hear responses from my fellow classmates - each of those moments with one another brought us closer together."

 Isn't it time you had trusted mentors and a personalized (low-stress) path to making the best financial decision to finally get into the right home that you could call your own?

Choose Your Track...

Homeowner Track


  • FULL lifetime access to all 6 training modules
  • LIVE office hours to answer your questions
  • Exclusive access to our online homeowner community
  • Personal home buyer roadmap
  • Homework activities designed to streamline your buying journey and take action
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Investor Track


  • Everything listed in the Homeowner Track!
  • 12 additional investor videos with insider info to start building your cash-flowing real estate portfolio today
  • An individualized strategy with personal recommendations tailored to your exact situation and timeline
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Your Teachers

Kristina Modares

When Kristina moved to Austin in 2012, she was shocked that it immediately felt more like home than anywhere she’s ever lived.

She soon found that no one was truly educating others on how to buy a house which inspired her to earn a real estate license, get involved in her local community and started exclusively working with first-time buyers.

Kristina has purchased 5 properties now and each one has helped fill a need in her life and contributed to what she likes to call my own “grad school.”

Steph Douglass


Steph moved to Austin in 2007 to attend UT. Now, she’s called East Austin her home for the past 10 years.

Steph is passionate about lifestyle design and financial freedom through real estate. She truly believes in the power of renovation and acquisition to improve the quality of life for her clients, as it improved hers after her first home purchase.

As a former math teacher, she loves the education aspect of her job. Steph own 15 units in the Central Texas area, with a goal of 80 units by 2022.


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100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you do the work and you’re still not satisfied, show us your work within 30 days of the course start date, and we’ll gladly give you a refund!

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