The Tiny House Guide

From Cost To Construction,
Build Your Dream Tiny House
With This Step-By-Step Guide
(In Just 6 Months!)


β˜‘ The Tiny House Guide (30+ page eBook)
The Month-By-Month Tiny House Workbook
β˜‘ The 6 Month Expense Tracker
β˜‘ The Tiny House Material List

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From Cost To Construction,
Build Your Dream Tiny House
With This Step-By-Step Guide
(In Just 6 Months!)


β˜‘ The Tiny House Guide (30+ page eBook)
The Month-By-Month Tiny House Workbook
β˜‘ The 6 Month Expense Tracker
β˜‘ The Tiny House Material List

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tiny house guide

Do you want to build a tiny house with a seriously great return on investment but just aren't sure where to start?

Use our Guide, Workbook, and Finance Tracker to design, budget, build, and rent your tiny house in 6 months (or less 😱) - even if you’ve never built one before!

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Our community already LOVES this guide...

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“The Tiny House Guide was heaven sent! Open House did an amazing job laying out the process of building a tiny house step by step. It was also an easy read with plenty of pictures to demonstrate the work (great if you are a visual person like me). Save yourself the headache and purchase this guide. You won’t regret it!”

tiny house guide testimonial

Abby & Pau

"Building a tiny house was something we knew we wanted to do - to help offset monthly costs and make passive income! The Tiny House Guide kept us accountable, on track, and under budget. 10/10 recommend. We love our tiny house and the opportunity it brings for hosting friends and family, not to mention the passive income it produces!"

tiny house guide testimonial

Megan & Chris

"We've previously spent hours researching everything under the sun for our tiny home project.

The Tiny House Guide streamlined the build and management process, leaving us the time and money to make this project work for us."

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Actual Tiny House Built Using This Guide!

We’ve got the answers to all your tiny house questions...

🏠 How expensive will this be?

🏠 Is it legal and safe to live in my tiny house?

🏠 Do I buy a tiny house or start one from scratch?

🏠 Do I need previous experience building a house?

🏠 How can I begin to navigate zoning and planning?

🏠 When do I need to figure out plumbing and electrical?

🏠 How do I design each section of the house for max efficiency?

🏠 How do I eventually make a return on this housing investment?

tiny house guide steph douglass

"Trust me, I had the same thoughts before building my first tiny house.

Today, I can confidently say that I was able to pay myself back fully in 11 months and continue to make an incredible profit from the tiny house I built from scratch.

And if I can do it - I know you can too!"

- Steph Douglass, Open House Austin

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The following pictures are of a tiny house that was built using this guide!

tiny house living room
tiny house area
tiny house kitchen

"The biggest challenge I faced when building my tiny house was figuring out how to stay within my budget & make a profit back as soon as possible.

I wanted my tiny house to be 'Instagram-worthy' but didn't want to break the bank. It didn’t make sense to spend thousands and thousands on a tiny house I wasn’t going to live in long-term. I knew from the start that I would rent it out to start making a profit.

Through my own process, I quickly learned it was totally possible to build an incredible tiny house for under $40,000 and I made back my investment in just 11 months!

After I finished my project, I realized there are tons of people out there who are eager to build a tiny house but are held back because they don’t know where to start or how much to save up.

That is why I decided to create the tiny house guide, workbook, and finance tracker to help you plan, design, construct, and finally build a beautiful tiny house that will fit your budget." πŸ˜‰

When you start building your new tiny house with this guide and workbook, 5 things will happen…

tiny house guide step 1

Learn where to build your house within legal zoning

tiny house guide step 2

Decide on the look and feel (#aesthetic) of your tiny house

tiny house guide step 3

Refine a material list and track expenses to only buy within your budget

tiny house guide step 4

Create a tiny house rental plan that’ll get your cash flowing

And then, you’ll have built a beautiful tiny house that’s all your own. To live in or rent out - and, most certainly be proud of. 😊

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When You Purchase The Tiny House Guide, You'll Receive...

tiny house ebook guide

The Tiny House Guide is a 30+ page eBook packed with step-by-step instructions to help you get your tiny house built in 6 months (or less). This eBook covers the prep, planning what you want your tiny house to look like, materials you will need, budgeting, and of course, how to make a return on your investment!

tiny house workbook

A month-to-month workbook that will help you plan out your weeks, stay accountable & on budget, hit your deadline, handle contractors, track your performance and so much more.


tiny house expense tracker

An expense tracker so you can list & organize every material going into your house so you know whether you will be on or under budget for better ROI.

tiny house material list

A detailed materials list so you don't buy too much upfront & only get what you need that month to progress. Plus, Steph lists the materials she used to build her tiny house so if you are stuck deciding on something, you can refer back to this list for guidance.

Are you ready to finally build the tiny house of your dreams?

My team and I created this tiny house guide for you so you can actually start building your own tiny house within just 6 months and understand how to start getting a return on investment 

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  • The Tiny House Guide (30+ page eBook)
  • The Month-By-Month Tiny House Workbook
  • The 6 Month Expense Tracker
  • The Tiny House Material List
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Meet Open House Austin's Co-Founders!

Stephanie Douglass & Kristina Modares

It all started on Instagram. Kristina and Steph both realized that they wanted to learn from and meet more women like themselves. They met up for coffee, and what turned into the “best first date ever” became a partnership that has outweighed anyone’s expectations.

Now Kristina and Steph spend their time building Open House into the education hub they wish they had when they bought their first homes. From recording for the Open House Podcast to building and teaching Open House Homeschool, these ladies are busy turning our company into the go-to place for first-time buyers and investors nationwide.

Although they no longer take clients, they have trained and mentored our incredible and experienced team of agents to help you if you’re looking to buy a house in Austin! You can visit to meet the rest of the team.

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